Help: virtualnetwork v.1


The irisws-virtualnetwork web service returns a list of stations that comprise the virtual network, subject to temporal constraints.

Data is returned in XML format.

A virtual network is a group of stations and/or seismic networks, representing an affiliation that goes beyond the traditional bounds of seismic networks to represent an umbrella organization or initiative. Virtual networks associate to recording stations and seismic networks either indefinitely or for some limited period of time. It is a grouping system that reflects growing partnerships between seismic institutions to undertake large projects and act as a single, newly formed entity. The virtual network naming system allows these traditional networks to have their data represented under the auspices of one or more of these initiatives.

The number of virtual networks is growing daily, as is the number of recording stations within them. For this reason, we have created this web page to provide the latest list of virtual networks so that users may explore them further and understand the details of who is involved and what recording stations are incorporated into them. The adopted standard is to indicate a virtual network by a leading underscore (’_’), thereby removing ambiguity as to the meaning of a tag entry.

Virtual networks may be requested in XML (default) or CSV formats. The current list of virtual networks are listed below.

List of virtual networks (as simple XML)

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