Revision History: virtualnetwork v.1

Release 1.0.17 (2022-08-31)

  • Updated internal messaging and logging system (usage-stats)

Release 1.0.17 (2021-08-03)

  • Fixed an issue related to the method “codes” not correctly returning metadata for all virtual networks.

Release 1.0.14 (2018-11-05)

  • Minor update related to database configuration change.

Release 1.0.13 (2017-06-06)

  • Fixed an issue introduced in previous release related to formatting of start and end times and dates.

Release 1.0.12 (2017-06-05)

  • Fixed an issue where start and end times were not being filtered correctly in searches.
  • Dates now support UTC formatting

Release 1.0.11 (2017-02-07)

  • Updated service for compatibility with WebServiceShell v 2.2.5

Release 1.0.10 (2016-10-06)

  • Updated service for compatibility with WebServiceShell v 2.2.3
  • Fixed a bug related to character encoding of starttime and endtime parameters

Release 1.0.9 (2016-08-15)

  • Updated service for compatibility with WebServiceShell v 2.2.2

Release 1.0.8 (2016-07-07)

  • Updated service for compatibility with WebServiceShell v 2.2.1

Release 1.0.7 (2016-06-09):

  • Reconfigured service to be compatible with WebServiceShell v 2.0
  • Added the following child elements to XML output: <lastUpdated>, <steward>, <definition>

Release 1.0.6 (2015-03-04):

  • The specified start and end time criteria are now properly used to limit the results.
  • For XML results: and have been added to . Note that these new elements are only included when they are defined in the virtual network definition.
  • For CSV format: station installation and certification dates are now correctly displayed.

Release 1.0.5 (2015-02-19):

  • The value for the ‘format’ parameter is now case-insensitive.
  • Fixed a bug where virtual network codes with a plus sign (+) and potentially other characters, e.g. _US-BB+A, were not recognized due to character encoding.
  • For XML results: updated the “module” tag value to the correct URL.
  • A new backend database system.
  • Ported to use WSS.
  • The service now returns all network-station entries in a virtual network definition even if there are multiple entries for the same network-station pair. Previously the service removed all but one network-station pair. Note that entries for the same network-station pair may have different time ranges.

Release 1.0.3 (2013-09-17):

  • Fixed a minor bug related to content-type accept header.

Release 1.0.2 (2013-09-10):

  • Added format parameter with possible values of xml, csv, or xls (xls now removed)
  • Changed definition boolean values to accept true and false (yes / no are now deprecated)
  • Added ability to request available virtual network codes with .../virtualnetwork/1/codes
  • minor bug fixes

Release 1.0.0 (2012-03-19):

  • Initial release.